Packing and Moving Tips From a Moving Company

by Crown Movers

Complete packing and moving tips from professional movers.

The big moving day is finally approaching. Whether it's your first time moving, or if you're looking for some guidance on your next move, you've come to the right place! We've spoken to moving companies and professional organizers for the latest and most up-to-date moving and packing tips to guarantee you are ready for your moving day.


moving tips from professional movers


What is the most efficient way to move?

There are two ways to prepare yourself for an efficient move! Our most recommended way is to hire professional movers with excellent, consistent reviews. Let them take care of everything from start to finish. A professional moving company will handle all your packing, moving and unpacking needs.

If you're planning on doing it yourself, be sure to read every section carefully. Follow the packing and moving tips listed in each section for a successful move!


moving checklist


4 Things to do Before Your Moving Day!

Before you begin the process, be sure to take care of each of the following steps.

1. Call the utility companies as soon as you know you're moving.

Make sure to do this first. Typically, this gets pushed aside for those who aren't sure how to reach utility providers if you're moving in Québec and are currently using Hydro Québec for a direct link to submit your change in address.

2. Determine your moving budget.

There are ways to save money when it comes to packing and moving. Before skipping ahead to that part, you should already know your moving budget. Knowing your budget will allow you to determine if you will be hiring movers, renting a moving truck for a couple of days, and handling the moving yourself. Once you know your moving budget, you can start to request quotes from reputable movers near you and decide.

3. Book Your Movers.

Do your research before hiring movers. Research means you have read plenty of reviews and received many quotes. Fill out the form on this page to receive a free quote. Or get a more detailed free moving quote from the Crown Movers website.

4. Prepare your packing supplies.

Make sure to follow the Packing Tips & Checklist from Crown Movers to have you prepared for your move. Most moving companies include packing tape with all their services and don't charge for plastic wrap when covering your furniture with moving blankets. Typically, you would be responsible for all other backing material such as packing paper, moving boxes, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, box labels, mattress covers, plastic protectors and so on.

Genius Moving Hacks from the Pros!

At this point, you have your moving day picked out, you've booked your local movers, and you are ready to get moving! The following is a list of moving hacks and answers to common questions straight from the moving and packing professionals at Crown Movers.


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How can I make moving out easier?

Making moving out easier is one of the most common questions. Reputable moving companies will gladly offer you helpful tips to have you prepared for an efficient moving service. Typically, they will email you a moving print-out checklist that includes moving hacks to speed up your service. The following moving and packing hacks will indeed have you prepared for your moving day.

Moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer

The moving hacks provided below are directly from experienced organizers and movers. Following these tips and tricks will save you time and money during your moving process.

Top 6 Packing Tips to make moving out easier

Get rid of items you don't need or wish to have at your new home.

  • Sort through all your belongings as you being to pack.
  • Make sure to set aside what you wish to give away or donate.
  • Get rid of items that you haven't used in forever.
  • You can list your items to be sold on Facebook groups or craigslist.


designated area while packing - moving tip


Have a designated area for all the boxes nearest to an exit way.

  • This area will not only prevent from cluttering your home with moving boxes, but it will also allow for a quicker loading process.
  • Save space for the movers to have room to work.


girl surrounded by moving boxes in montreal


Disassemble all your furniture that requires disassembly before your movers arrive:

  • Beds, mirrored bureaus, cribs, IKEA furniture... Try and disassemble anything that requires disassembly ahead of time.
  • For each item, tape the disassembled parts together. Make sure to have your screws and bolts all in a tightly sealed ziplock.


Moving tips


Protect all your large, fragile items.

  • To save time come moving day, bubble wrap all your big fragile items and place them in large boxes.
  • Make sure to stuff loose space in the moving boxes with packing paper or with more bubble wrap.


labelling boxes - moving tip



Clearly label all your boxes

  • When you start packing, make sure to put importance on box labelling.
  • Labelling all your boxes, such as Fragile | Kitchen or Books | Bedroom (1), will allow the movers to know where to place boxes during the offload without asking.
  • Knowing which room each box belongs to will also speed up the unpacking process.


pack an overnight suitcase - moving tips


Pack an overnight bag!

  • When you start packing, make sure to keep aside some extra clothing.
  • It's also important to not forget toilet paper, paper towel rolls and paper plates!
  • You might want to keep important documents like your passports and birth certificates with you.
  • To comfort your children, it's best to keep their favourite stuffed animals or blankets with you at all times.
  • Most importantly, don't forget to keep a box cutter with you.


How To Pack For A Move

If you follow the basic guidelines listed above, it will help prepare for a quick and efficient moving service. Now that you have some moving tips, here is a description of how to pack for a move.

Packing Hacks for Moving Boxes

Different size boxes are a moving hazard. The best way to pack boxes for safe transport is to have boxes of the same size so that they can be stacked easily. Pick 2 sizes of boxes small and big and stick to those 2 sizes. You will most likely have some bins as well, but if you're packing a big home, be sure to keep the box size variety to 3.

Local retailers might be able to provide you with moving boxes at a low price. But if you're looking for free cardboard boxes, be sure to go to your local grocery or liquor store. They often have smaller boxes that are still in great condition and will give them away for free.

Cardboard boxes, Bubble wrap & Packing Tape... Oh My!

Once you have all your packing materials ready it's time to get packing, here are the most asked questions answered by professional organizers and movers.

How to pack your living room stuff

Living rooms consist of lamps, picture frames, statues, decorative items and so on. For these items, it's always best to use bunched-up paper at the bottom of the boxes to create cushioning.

Every large fragile item should be bubble wrapped and packed in a separate box. Moving companies will cover your furniture in moving blankets and plastic wrap. Make sure to also remove all light bulbs from your lamps so that they don't break during transport.

How to pack clothes

The best options for clothing are to either pack most of what you have in suitcases. Feel free to request wardrobe boxes from your moving company for your special items. These boxes are for hanging clothes. They are best suited for dresses, leather jackets, suits, and other expensive clothes.

For kid's clothing or items that are not as delicate, you might want to toss them into a plastic bag. Dresser drawers can be emptied quickly into a trash bag and tied shut with a rubber band. The heavy-duty garbage bags are perfect to fill up empty spaces in the moving truck.

How to pack your bathroom & cleaning products

Pack your toxic cleaning supplies in a clear plastic bin. Make sure to read your movers fine print on what dangerous goods items they do not allow in their trucks. Paper towels, toilet paper and other light items can be packed in larger boxes. The movers will be sure to stack these items at the top of the piles in the moving truck.

Bathing towels, dish towels, and other light items can be packed in trash bags and placed in your laundry bins.

How to pack safely for the moving truck

Do not pack boxes too heavy. It's important to keep all boxes light enough to be carried comfortably. At the same time, this will prevent the boxes from crushing one another when stacked. Do not shy away from packing tape.

Take extra precautions when packing a fragile item. Heavy-duty cardboard boxes won't protect your items from the vibrations of the road. Make sure to line the bottom of your boxes with bunched-up packing paper for safe transport in the moving truck.

What should you move first when moving?

The answer to this question varies on two factors. The distance between your locations and if you have access to your new place. If you have access to your new home before your moving day, be sure to move as many boxes and fragile items ahead of your move. Smaller boxes and loose items take are easy to carry and do not need to be loaded in a moving truck.

Understandable, moving within the city is a lot easier than a long-distance move. Here are some more packing and moving tips for moving short-distance moves.

Short Distance Moving Tips

Short distance moves allow typically allow for easier access to your new location. Typically, they allow for more preparation and a smoother moving process. If you have access to your location in advance, make sure to provide your movers with photos of your new home. Include photos of staircases, long hallways, elevator access and the reserved parking area.

The most important moving tip is to try and move as many boxes and lighter items in advance. If you can fit all your small boxes in your vehicle and have them already moved before your moving services, this will save time and save you money come moving day.


moving tips for long distance moves


Long Distance Moving Tips

Moving to a new city, proving or country can seem overwhelming and stressful. Have no fear! We have all the moving and packing tips to assure a stress-free and easy move.

To make the moving process easier, it is important to begin packing a few weeks in advance. If you're not confident in your packing abilities we've got you covered. Here is a list of helpful tips from the pros to assure that all your furniture is packed & moved safely from one location to the next.

Get high-quality packing materials!

If you're planning a long-distance move or having your items placed in a storage unit, it's always best to get quality packing material. Getting used boxes from a local liquor store or grocery store can save you money, but heavy-duty boxes will give you that extra peace of mind. This is because your items will be stacked for a long period of time and can begin to damage second-hand boxes.

How long does it take to unpack after moving?

Time to pull out the box cutter from your overnight bag and start the unpacking process. Hopefully, you have followed the moving tips and tricks and which would make this process easier. Everything should be labelled, and all your boxes are in their designated rooms. Grab a trash bag and start removing the plastic wrap, and packing tape.

Start with the bedrooms so that you can have a nice restful sleep. Then make your way to the kitchen and living room. Typically the small boxes are emptied out first as they contain the most needed items.

Once you have unpacked the essentials, try to take some time to enjoy your new space. You can make unpacking fun by playing some music and taking the time to set everything up in your new home.

Hopefully, these moving hacks have made your move memorable for all the right reasons. For more information, fill out the form and have the Crown Movers team reach out to regarding your moving day!

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