How To Get Accurate Moving Service Quotes From a 5-Star Moving Company?

by Crown Movers
How To Get Accurate Moving Service Quotes From a 5-Star Moving Company?

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get an Accurate Moving Estimate

Securing an accurate moving service quotes can be a challenge, especially when you're planning a local or long distance move. But with Crown Movers, a reputable moving company, you're in safe hands. We pride ourselves on providing transparent moving quotes, whether you're seeking an hourly rate for a short relocation or a more accurate price for interstate endeavors. As one of the best moving companies out there, we understand the intricacies of being both a long distance mover and interstate movers. So, whether you need a detailed breakdown or an instant ballpark quote, trust Crown Movers to deliver.

1. Comprehensive Inventory Creation - For accurate moving service quotes

a. Listing Every Item:

Gone are the days when you’d simply throw items into boxes last minute. An accurate move begins with meticulous planning. Start in the bedroom, then the living room, next to the kitchen... you get the drift. Go room by room with your moving process. This isn't just a list; it's your moving bible. And guess what? When contacting different moving companies, having such a list can help you get an accurate quote online. Moving costs can vary, but having a detailed list can help you get a more binding estimate. By the way, there's an app for that! Numerous apps and software tools can help create moving inventories for your moving date. Just type, tap, and save! And when you’re ready, a free moving quote is just a click away.

Make a list for a Moving Service Quotes

b. Specialty Items:

Your home gym might be your pride and joy, but for professional movers, it’s another challenge to tackle. Have a piano? It's not just any piece of furniture. When considering moving services, remember that these items need special mention and sometimes special handling. Does your gym equipment dismantle? And if you're doing a long-distance move, quotes can increase for such specialty items.


c. Remember Hidden Items:

The attic isn’t just a place where Christmas decorations hibernate. Basements, garages, and off-site storage units often hold items we forget about. When setting your moving dates, make sure to account for the time needed to sort through these areas. Don't let them be out-of-sight, out-of-mind. And always be aware of any potential hidden fees that some moving companies might charge. Doing a walk through with potential movers can help highlight these items and ensure that the final bill matches the moving estimate you were provided.


The more detailed you are, the fewer surprises you'll have. The moving company will thank you for it, and you might even save some money. This preparation ensures an accurate moving estimate, which is crucial for your budget and peace of mind. So, don’t delay! Reach out to a large network of movers, compare non-binding estimates, and choose the best fit for your needs. Always aim for a binding estimate to avoid discrepancies in the final bill.

2. Furniture & Assembly Details

a. Handling Flat-Pack Furniture:

Ah, our beloved IKEA goods. While you might have got them from various moving companies, transporting them takes a different approach. Due to their unique construction, many flat-pack items aren't typically covered by a standard moving company insurance. When you initially scoured free moving quotes, this detail might have slipped past. Given this predicament, it's a pivotal decision: to disassemble or not to disassemble? Remember, moving costs and labor costs can escalate if there's additional work involved. It's advisable to compare the estimated cost of moving the furniture as-is versus the cost of disassembling it, considering the weight of your belongings. Always opt for insured movers, especially if you're thinking long distance.

KEA goods. While you might have got them from various moving companies, transporting them takes a different approach.

b. Communicate Assembly/Disassembly Needs:

Misplaced that Allen wrench? Can't unearth the manual amidst your moving chaos? Reach out to your moving company or their customer service representative. If you're hoping for them to dismantle your bed, or any other iece, they'll undoubtedly need to know in advance when providing you with a moving quote. If you're skeptical about taking this task head-on, explore their disassembly or packing services. In today's digital age, you can also compare moving services and moving quotes online to ensure you're getting a comprehensive service without any hidden fees or additional charges for these types of services.

disassembly or packing services

c. High-Value Item Insurance:

That splendid glass table and the 55-inch LED TV are more than mere adornments; they stand as testimonials to your investments. Create a dedicated list of your luxury items. While a majority of moving services offer rudimentary coverage, for such treasures, one should ponder over full value protection through third-party insurance. When diving into the realm of online moving estimates, always remember to mention these items to get a rough estimate. Always validate if the moving company is reputable in the moving industry before trusting them with your valuables. Sometimes, the destination zip code can also affect insurance rates, especially for long-distance moves.

 full value protection through third-party insurance.

In essence, the nuances of moving are manifold, but with careful planning, research, and open communication, you can ensure a hassle-free transition. Always prioritize securing multiple quotes, understanding the terms, and ensuring your belongings' safety.

3. Describing the Moving Environment to Moving Companies

a. Elevators, Staircases, & Parking:

Living on the 5th floor without an elevator? It might sound like a mover's workout dream, but it's a crucial detail they need to know in advance for an accurate estimate. Having this information allows them to give you an instant ballpark figure on what the cost might look like. If you have elevator access, it's a golden rule to book it. This not only ensures a successful move but also prevents unexpected delays and additional costs. Meanwhile, if street parking at your new destination is a challenge, perhaps tighter than your vintage jeans, then reserving a spot for the moving truck becomes a priority. Local movers might be familiar with parking conditions in various neighborhoods, but never assume. Always provide them with clear information to get an official moving quote that reflects the actual price.

Describing the Moving Environment to Moving Companies

b. Note All Access Points:

Your home might have its quirks and unique entry points, maybe even a secret back entrance. However, what's a secret to you shouldn't be to the movers. Gather quotes from different movers and ensure that all are aware of these access points to avoid any surprise costs during the upcoming move. The more they know, the better equipped they are to handle moving add ons or recommend additional services. Alert them about any potential obstructions, like the neighbour's intrusive rose bushes or an uneven step that might require special packing materials or equipment.

Professional Crown Movers team efficiently handling and relocating furniture and office equipment for property renovations and maintenance tasks

c. Mention Long Walks:

If the moving truck can't park directly in front of your doorstep, meaning they'd need to carry items down a lengthy pathway or alley, it's essential to inform the movers. Some moving companies charge additional fees for long walking distances. These long walks would also affect the duration of the seirvce. Choose your moving dates according to street parking if needed. Some situations where the origin postal code, zip code has parking constraints can influence the final price of the move. Distance doesn't just add to time but also to the final cost, based on several factors like labor hours and equipment used to move your items.

Long walking distance through hallway for movers

For an accurate price, always set realistic expectations with your service providers. If you're moving with fewer belongings, it might impact the time and thus the cost. To get an idea, you can compare moving quotes from different providers. Also, remember to inquire about non-binding estimate options and add on services to get the most accurate quote. The goal is to compare prices effectively, so there are no shocks when the bill comes.

In summary, ensuring a smooth relocation means diving deep into details. From understanding parking constraints to explaining your home's unique features, every bit of information helps in obtaining a precise and accurate estimate for a hassle-free move.

4. Review and finalization for Moving Costs

Review and finalization for Moving Costs

a. Questions for the Movers:

Hidden fees are scarier than horror movies. Before signing off, ensure you've got a comprehensive moving quote. Grill your movers about every potential cost, surcharge, or fee. Especially with most local movers charging an hourly rate, it's pivotal to be crystal clear on all fees involved. Trust, but verify.

b. Reviewing the Quote:

Now comes the highlighter moment. Navigate through the moving quotes with a fine-tooth comb. Double-check against your list. Given the nuances of a local move, it might differ from a long distance move. And, it's sagacious to play the field - solicit moving quotes from different moving companies and juxtapose them. This gives you a more accurate price.

c. Finalize Details:

It's tantamount to setting a definitive date! Ascertain when the monumental shift will transpire and chew over the contingencies.

5. Additional Considerations for Moving Cost

Crown Movers furniture delivery assembly and disassembly

a. Specialty Items:

Hammered home for gravity! Affirm that articles like the billiards table or age-old armoire are distinctly flagged and pegged in the quote. With long distance movers or interstate movers, the handling of such items might differ.

b. Additional Insurance:

Fortify your fort and treasures within. If the insurance pitched by the moving company falls short, scout for alternatives. Remember, the best moving companies often offer a range of insurance options to cushion your cherished assets, be it a local move or long distance.

c. Environment Details:

Any conceivable impediment, from three-storey stairwells to an elongated trek from the parking bay, should be intricately detailed in the quote. This gives you a rough estimate based on your specific needs.

What Moving Add-Ons to Consider

Comprehensive Inventory Creation - For accurate moving service quotes

In summation, granular detailing is the cornerstone to an impeccable moving estimate. It transcends mere box tallying. It's the art of foreseeing roadblocks and assuring a harmonized wavelength between you and the moving companies. With lucidity and exhaustive detailing, your transition will be a cakewalk, staving off unheralded hiccups. Get primed, on your marks, and set forth on your relocation! As a pro tip: always seek an instant ballpark quote to initiate, and if viable, compare moving quotes online for an expansive perspective. Don't forget to factor in potential packing services as they can also influence your overall costs. Cheers to a hassle-free moving experience!

How to Save Money on Your Moving Quote?

Woman wrapping a mattress

Relocating can be a financial burden, but a little pre-planning can make a world of difference in trimming down that moving quote. When seeking online moving advice, you'll often be inundated with numerous tips, but the crux lies in effective preparation. Firstly, it's essential to organize your belongings, placing them grouped and nearest to the exit or access point. This not only saves time but also has a significant impact on the final moving quote you receive.

Rolling up your sleeves to handle the disassembly of your furniture prior to the big move day can drastically reduce labour costs in your moving quotes. Reserving parking spaces or elevator times is another simple yet overlooked strategy that can avoid last-minute fees or delays, as reflected in your moving quote. And let's not forget the old saying - many hands make light work. Rallying a group of friends during the offload can expedite the process, ensuring your belongings are moved efficiently, and potentially lowering the labour time on those moving quotes. Remember, a well-prepared move is a cost-effective move!

What's Included in a Moving Estimate?

Expert movers in Montreal efficiently handling a last-minute move, showcasing professionalism and readiness to assist in urgent relocation situations.

When embarking on the journey of relocating, one of the primary considerations is understanding what's included in a moving estimate. At the forefront, moving company quotes are designed to provide potential clients with a clear and concise breakdown of all expected costs associated with their relocation. From local moves to more extensive relocations, these estimates not only give a financial outlook but also enumerate any additional services that might be necessary for a seamless move. These can range from packing assistance to specialized handling of delicate items.

In today's competitive market, many firms offer a free quote to attract potential clients, ensuring transparency and fostering trust. These free moving quotes typically encompass basic moving costs and can be complemented with instant ballpark quotes for those in a hurry. It's essential to remember that while obtaining a moving quote is a pivotal step, it's equally crucial to ensure that the moving company you choose aligns not just with your budget but also commits to delivering quality services. After all, the essence of moving company quotes lies in striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and top-tier service.

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