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Moving quotes in Montreal can sometimes get expensive. Whether you are moving within Montreal or moving long distance, save time and money by choosing Crown Movers to handle all your moving needs. You get quality movers for the best prices in the city, fill out the form and find out why Crown Movers is the best.

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Whether your move is big or small, Crown Movers will handle it with the same care and attention to detail. Crown Movers offer unbeatable prices for the professional moving services we offer. We take pride in being reliable and cost-effective movers. We get you moving the right way!

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I moved my apartment in Westmount to a house in Vaudreuil. I did what anyone does, search google for "Best moving company in Montreal". I landed on Crown Movers. Oh man did they not disappoint. 

Jonathan gave me so many tips to save me time come moving day. The guys are hard-working, professional and their quote was spot on. They are dedicated throughout the entire process. They had the truck packed up in no time. As soon as I saw them in action, they instantly took my stress away. 

I've used other moving companies in the area, but no one was as professional and hard-working as they were. The price... the team... by far the best moving company in Montreal. A big THANKS to Crown Movers! 
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Karen Lin
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