Crown Storage Units Montreal

Best storage units Montreal

Best storage units Montreal

At Crown Movers we're more than just Montreal's best-moving company. With access to every storage facility across the Greater Montreal area, you can rest assured that we are dedicated to finding you the best price to rent storage in Montreal. We offer a wide range of options for storage such as Montreal mini storage, Montreal self-storage, packing supplies, warehousing and climate-controlled storage units.

Whether you're seeking a compact storage unit for your personal items or a spacious unit for large commercial appliances, we have the right size storage unit for you. What's special about Crown, is that we will hunt down the best monthly rates for your storage needs and we still guarantee your first month of storage free for your stored items! Crown Montreal storage facilities are designed to provide the best value for your money, combining secure, climate-controlled storage units with affordable prices.


Check out some of our storage facility features:

  • Heated storage solutions to help protect your belongings from seasonal elements
  • Drive-up access and ground-level units for ease and convenience
  • Outdoor parking available for vehicle storage
  • Heavy-duty loading dock allows you to transfer items effortlessly from your truck or tractor-trailer
  • Packing and moving supplies offering a full range of products for an efficient move
  • Moving Services & Junk Removal Services
  • Daily access to storage year-round, including holidays and after-hours
  • Month-to-month contracts with various payment options for maximum flexibility
Our entreposage montreal mini storage services ensure that your items are not only stored but also meticulously cared for. With our commitment to providing cost-effective and reliable storage space, you can rest easy knowing your possessions are in good hands. Choose our storage facilities for a hassle-free experience, complete with the benefit of your first month free.
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Cheap storage units Montreal with the first month free of charge!

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Searching for affordable storage solutions in Montreal?

As mentioned before, Crown Montreal storage facilities proudly offer the first month free on all storage units! That means you get a free month of storage at any Montreal storage facility of your choosing. You won't have to pay for storage during your first month, regardless of the unit size or storage space. On top of that, we're sure to offer a beter than average price for you to rent Whether you need a space for just a few weeks or longer, our policy ensures that your initial self storage needs are financially stress-free.


Self Storage in Montreal

Our wide range of Montreal storage options include everything from compact Montreal mini storage units, perfect for those with limited items, to larger spaces ideal for extensive storage needs. As a premier self storage facility, we understand the importance of convenience and affordability, which is why our self storage solutions are designed to fit every budget and requirement.


Self storage units

Our self storage units in Montreal are ideal for those with limited space at home. With a variety of unit sizes available, from small units perfect for storing seasonal items to large units ideal for belongings that require extra space, you can find storage that perfectly fits your needs. We also offer specialized options like heated storage units and vehicle storage, ensuring that even the most sensitive items are kept safe.


Heated storage units

Crown Movers' Montreal facilities are more than just places to store your stuff. They are spaces where you can keep your belongings secure and accessible. Whether you need extra space for home jump left or a secure spot for your seasonal items, our storage solutions in Montréal are here to help. With our wide range of climate controlled storage unit options, including everything from climate-controlled units to public storage, we're committed to providing the best storage experience in Montreal.


24 hour storage units montreal

At our Montreal storage locations, we prioritize keeping your belongings safe. With features like 24-hour access and 24-hour surveillance and various payment options, you can rest assured that your items are secure. We also offer attractive deals like a month free on certain units, ensuring you get the best price without compromising on quality.

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Storage units Montreal prices and unit Sizes

Storage units Montreal prices and unit Sizes

Choosing the right storage unit is a crucial decision, and Crown Movers provides a diverse range of options to fit every need, ensuring that your personal items and belongings are securely stored. Whether you're renting in Montreal, seeking a unit with drive-up access, or looking for conveniently located facilities, we've got you covered.

How much does storage cost in Montreal?

Here's the detailed table showcasing various storage unit sizes, their suitability for different home sizes, typical items stored in each, along with an estimated monthly price range, average price, for each unit size:


Storage Unit Size Suitable Home Size Typical Items Stored Estimated Price (Monthly)
5’x5’ (25 sq ft) Small items / Partial room Boxes, small mattress, toys, books, small items $50 - $80
5’x10’ (50 sq ft) Studio or 1-bedroom apartment Sofa, mattress set, end tables, boxes $80 - $120
10’x10’ (100 sq ft) 1-2 bedroom apartment Large mattress, appliances, dining set, living room furniture $120 - $180
10’x15’ (150 sq ft) 2-3 bedroom apartment/home Mattress sets, living room furniture, dining set, patio furniture, or small vehicle/boat $180 - $240
10’x20’ (200 sq ft) 3-4 bedroom home Bedroom sets, appliances, home office, living and dining room furniture, or small vehicle/boat $240 - $300
10’x25’ (250 sq ft) 3-4 bedroom home (larger) Bedroom sets, living and dining room items, appliances, boxes, vehicle or small boat $300 - $360
10’x30’ (300 sq ft) 4-5 bedroom home Multiple furniture sets, patio furniture, family room items, major appliances, vehicle or boat $360 - $480

This comprehensive table is designed to help individuals and families find the perfect storage solution for their needs, whether they are storing personal belongings, seasonal items, or large appliances.

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What size storage unit do I need?

Storage Unit Sizes and Pricing Guide Montréal QC

Our storage units in Montreal locations offer a variety of sizes, from small units for a few boxes to large spaces for vehicle storage. Plus, with our special promotion, you can enjoy your first month free, allowing you to experience our top-notch services without immediate cost.

Here's a detailed breakdown:

5 x 5 Units: Ideal for storing personal items like boxes, documents, or small furniture. These units are perfect for those who need extra space but have limited items to store.

5 x 10 Units: Suitable for students or individuals living in studio apartments. They can hold items like a mattress set, sofa, and several boxes, making them an excellent choice for student storage, especially with our Montreal mini storage locations.

10 x 10 Units: These units are perfect for families or individuals moving from 1-2 bedroom apartments. They offer ample space for furniture, appliances, and personal belongings.

10 x 15 Units: For those with a 2-3 bedroom home, this unit size is ideal. It provides enough room for larger items, including patio furniture and possibly a small vehicle or boat, which is a bonus for those seeking vehicle storage in Montreal.

10’x10 montreal mini storage

10 x 20 Units: These units can comfortably house the contents of a 3-4 bedroom home, including larger appliances and bulky furniture. They are perfect for families in transition or those needing extra space during home renovations.

10 x 15 montréal mini storage

10 x 25 and 10 x 30 Units: Our largest units can store the contents of 4-5 bedroom homes, including all major appliances, furniture sets, and even a car or boat, making them the ultimate storage solution for large families or those with extensive belongings.

10 x 25 10 x 15 montréal mini storage


For those in Montréal, QC, looking for public storage options, Crown Movers is your go-to provider. We cater to various needs, from regular storage to heated or climate-controlled units. Plus, our free month promotion makes us a cost-effective choice for storing your belongings.

Visit us today to rent your unit, and take advantage of our various storage options in the Montreal area. With Crown Movers, you'll find the perfect storage solution, whether you're storing boxes, furniture, or anything in between. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help you choose the best unit for your needs, ensuring your belongings are not just stored but cared for.

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Storage Units Near Me

Storage Units Near Me

Storage facility and Storage Units Near Me

At Crown Movers, we're dedicated to meeting the diverse storage needs of our clients in Montreal. We offer a range of Montreal mini storage and self storage solutions, strategically located across key areas of the city, including the bustling neighborhoods of Montréal QC and St Hubert.

Our facilities boast convenient drive-up access, simplifying the process of loading and unloading your belongings. In addition to our standard storage services, our Montreal self storage locations provide extra features like truck rental services and a variety of packing supplies, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free storage experience.


Storage Units Montreal West Island

Professional movers quickly and efficiently packing and loading items into a truck, exemplifying a reliable last-minute moving service.

Crown Movers extends its premium storage solutions to the Montreal West Island area, offering both personal and business storage options. Our storage units come in various sizes, accommodating both metric and imperial measurement preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your needs.

The average price of our units is competitive, reflecting the high-quality service and security we offer. Our West Island facilities are designed for convenience and accessibility, with ample storage space for a wide range of items – from personal belongings to larger commercial goods.


Storage Units Montreal and Laval

In addition to our Montreal locations, we also cater to the storage needs of those in Laval. Our storage units in both Montreal and Laval are equipped with modern amenities, offering both climate-controlled and standard options. These units are ideal for storing everything from household items to business inventory. Recognizing the importance of security, our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and public storage units that ensure the safety of your belongings.

Whether you're looking for Montreal mini storage or a larger unit in Laval, we have the right solution for you. Our experienced staff is on hand to help you select the best storage unit, provide packing supplies, and offer guidance on how to make the most of your storage space. With Crown Movers, you're not just renting Montreal storage units; you're gaining a reliable partner in safeguarding your belongings.

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