The Complete Guide to Moving Costs in Montreal: Crown Movers’ Insights for 2024

by Crown Movers

Understanding the Average Moving Cost in Montreal

When planning a move in Montreal, one of the first questions that comes to mind is: What are the moving costs? Contacting moving companies like Crown Movers to inquire about moving costs may seem straightforward, but understanding if the price offered is reasonable is crucial. Moving costs in Montreal can vary, influenced by several factors, especially in a bustling city like Montreal.

As the premier moving company in Quebec, Crown Movers, along with other platforms like MyMovingReviews, has analyzed thousands of moving quotes to provide accurate estimations on moving costs.

To simplify how moving companies movers cost, here is a simple formula:

(Mover’s hourly rate) X (Duration of the move, hours of work) + (Additional fees) = Your Moving Costs

Additional fees almost always include Transportation and a gas charge but there are some other factors to consider, and that's where this article comes into play when trying to understand the average moving cost of your move. We will also provide you with some tips to help you save money come moving day!

Detailed Pricing Structure for Moving Services in Montreal

Déménagement Longue Distance pas cher

At Crown Movers, our detailed pricing structure is designed to provide clarity and flexibility for various moving needs. We've conducted extensive research and gathered pricing data from multiple companies in the Greater Montreal Area to ensure our rates are competitive and transparent.

When looking into hiring movers, it's important to understand the basic and detailed factors that go into the overall cost for the moving price.

Standard Local Moving Rates in Montreal

  • 2 movers + a moving truck: Starting at $100/h + a transportation fee (an additional 1 hour) + basic insurance
  • 3 movers + a moving truck: Starting at $145/h + a transportation fee (an additional 1 hour) + basic insurance
  • 4 movers + 2 moving trucks: Starting at $190/h + a transportation fee (an additional 1 hour)

These are the average rates in Montreal. Be sure that your starting and final destination address are considered a local move. Whether you're moving within the North Shore or South Shore, or moving your business in Montreal, these would be the standard competitive moving costs with no hidden costs.

Keep in mind that other factors affect the average cost when looking to hire movers. Most moving companies have additional fees depending on the service requirements and what the movers are required to handle come moving day.

Certain factors that affect Moving Costs in Montreal

Additional Fees in a Moving Service

Additional Fees in a Moving Service

Understanding additional costs is vital to avoid surprises:

  • Long Distance Transport: If you're planning a long-distance move, keep in mind that you would be charged a much higher transportation fee. Starting from the time movers leave the base and arrive at your departure address.
  • KM/Gas Charge applies if the total distance travelled exceeds 40 km.
  • Piano costs and costs for heavy or special goods can significantly influence the total.
  • Staircase and Long Carry Fees: If there are long walking distances from the access to the truck or staircases at either location, some companies charge additional fees on top of the extra hours of work it would take to handle the service.
  • Hoisting Bulky furniture: Item that would require to be hoisted through a balcony or window.

Long-Distance Moving Pricing

Additional Fees in a Moving Service

When planning a long-distance move, selecting a moving company with transparent pricing is crucial. At Crown Movers, we understand this need and offer clear, straightforward long-distance moving rates. Our pricing is based on fixed transportation and gas charges, determined by the total distance of your move. This approach ensures that our clients receive a fair moving price without the worry of hidden or unexpected fees. Unlike some moving companies that calculate costs based on the volume or weight of cargo – a method that can lead to overestimation – our fixed rate model is designed to be as accurate and client-friendly as possible which explains all our great online reviews. Click here to see our online reviews.

Transparent Long-Distance Rates:

  • Fixed KM/Gas charges
  • Clear long-distance transportation fees

For a long-distance move, Crown Movers offers fixed rates based on the total distance. Our long-distance moving rates are straightforward, ensuring that you can accurately budget for the cost of your move without worrying about unexpected expenses.

Heavy Specialty Items Charges

Piano Heavy Specialty Items Charges

When it comes to moving heavy and specialty items, additional charges are often a key consideration. Items such as pianos, safes, and pool tables not only add weight to your move but also complexity. This is where the expertise of professional movers becomes invaluable. Moving companies like ours assess each item individually, considering factors like weight, dimensions, and the specific handling requirements. These items require not just muscle but also skill and experience to move safely and efficiently.

For example, consider a safe that weighs around 500 pounds. Moving such an item is not just about brute force; it involves careful planning and precision. The cost for moving such bulky items typically starts from $0.50 to $2.00 per pound, meaning moving a safe or piano could cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000, depending on various factors such as stairs, long distances and any kind of disassembly or resassembly that is required.

The number of movers required and the specific techniques employed by the moving company can also affect the cost. These charges ensure that your valuable items are handled by professional movers who have the necessary equipment and knowledge to transport them without damage. Ultimately, investing in professional handling for these specialty items is crucial for their protection and your peace of mind during the moving process. With Crown Movers, you can be assured that your heavy and delicate items are in safe hands.

Seasonal Variations in Moving Costs

Seasonal Variations in Rates for Professional Movers Montreal

Seasonal Variations in Rates for Professional Movers Montreal

If you're into seeing what moving price for a moving service in the high season, it's important to consider what month your move falls on. Most companies are busiest through May to September. The cost depends on which month and even on which day as the company's services rates vary depending on the date and demand. For instance, during the end of June through July 3rd, higher hourly rates are in effect due to peak demand in local moves. As of May, average cost for a local moving service adjust's to:

  • 2 movers cost + a truck: Starting at $125/h + transportation fee (additional 1 hour).
  • 3 movers cost + a truck: Starting at $165/h + transportation fee (additional 1 hour).
  • 4 movers cost + 2 trucks: Starting at $220/h + transportation fee (additional 1 hour).

These structured rates reflect the professional mover moving price Montreal. This means that average cost moving commitment to providing transparent, fair pricing while ensuring high-quality moving services by professional movers in Montreal. Whether you're planning a local move or transitioning to a new city, Crown Movers is dedicated to making your moving experience smooth and stress-free.

It's important to note that moving prices can fluctuate based on the season. The peak season generally sees higher rates due to increased demand. Planning your moving date during the off-peak season can be a strategic way to save money.

Moving Costs during High Season

High Season Rates (May - September)

  • Slightly higher rates due to demand
  • Specific date ranges like June 27 - July 3 see peak rates
Winter Moving Considerations

Winter Moving Considerations

  • Weather conditions can prolong the moving process
  • Additional preparations needed for certain items

High Season Moving Rates: During May to September, known as the peak moving season, moving costs can vary. The demand for moving services peaks, especially from June 27th to July 3rd, leading to higher average moving costs. Planning and hiring movers early in the peak season can help secure better rates.

Here is a table showcasing the average tariffs for 2 men in different periods throughout the year:

Seasonal Period Average Rates 2 Mover Service ($)
1 Jan. – 31 Mar. 85 – 125$
1 Apr. – 15 Jun. 95 – 135$
16 Jun. – 19 Jun. 120 – 150$
20 Jun. – 22 Jun. 120 – 160$
23 Jun. – 26 Jun. 120 – 170$
27 Jun. 130 – 180$
28 Jun. 135 – 190$
29 Jun. 140 – 200$
30 Jun. 140 – 250$
1 Jul. 160 – 320$
2 Jul. 135 – 195$
3 Jul. 125 – 185$
4 Jul. – 31 Jul. 125 – 145$
1 Aug. – 31 Dec. 95 – 135$

This table provides a clear overview of the varying moving price for the hourly rates throughout the year for a 2 mover service in Montreal. The number of movers required in local moves, directly affect the hourly rate. A moving team with more movers will cost more per hour, however this doesn't mean that you will pay more for your move.

Some companies will offer you less movers at a lower hourly rate, knowing that the service will take longer and result in a slower more expensive service. When moving in Montreal, keep in mind that when considering the moving price, it's important to factor how many moving professionals are required to hanlde moving needs in the most efficient maner. This is where online reviews can help. Look at each moving companies good and bad reviews as many client can comment regarding the moving service and moving cost.

Staircase and Long Carry Fees

Long walking distance through hallway for movers

Staircase fees are sometimes overlooked but can significantly impact the total cost. While some companies, including Crown Movers, may not charge for this, others might add around $50 per flight of stairs. Similarly, a Long Carry Fee applies when movers have to transport items over a considerable distance from your home to the moving truck.

Hoisting Fees for Bulky Items

Hoisting Fees for Bulky Items

For exceptionally bulky items that require hoisting, such as large antique furniture or a spa, starting fees can be around $200. These additional costs are for the specialized equipment and extra labor needed for these challenging tasks.

Moving insurance

Moving insurance

Most local moving companies in Montréal include a basic liability insurance in their moving services, typically covering up to $0.60 per pound for any damaged items. However, for those seeking additional security, insurance companies offer Full Value Protection as an extra insurance option. This advanced coverage adds a significant layer of protection against potential damages during the move.

It's important to note that while moving companies facilitate the moving process, the Full Value Protection insurance is provided by insurance companies, ensuring more comprehensive coverage for your valuable items during the move. Learn more on moving insurance here: Government of Canada website.

Free Moving Quotes from Moving Companies

Free Moving Quotes from Moving Companies

To accurately assess the cost of your move, it’s advisable to get free moving quotes from local moving companies like Crown Movers. These quotes consider all the factors mentioned above, giving you a clear picture of your moving expenses.

Moving Expenses Deduction

Moving Expenses Deduction

Eligibility for deducting moving expenses incurred in 2023 hinges on meeting two key criteria:

  1. The primary purpose of your move must be to commence employment, engage in business activities, practice a profession, or attend a post-secondary institution as a full-time student.
  2. The distance between your new residence and your new place of employment, business site, or educational institution must be reduced by at least 40 kilometres compared to your previous residence (applicable even for seasonal work).

For more detailed information and to understand the full scope of these conditions, please visit Revenu Québec's official page on Moving Expenses.

Crown Movers - Your Trusted Moving Company

Crown Movers - Your Trusted Moving Company

At Crown Movers, we bring a royal touch to every move, big or small. Our story began from a desire to rectify the moving industry's shortcomings, driven by a personal experience of a moving nightmare. Today, our core values center around professional, friendly, and affordable moving services, prioritizing our clients' needs and providing a seamless moving experience.

Comprehensive Moving Services: Residential and Commercial

Crown Movers offers an array of moving services, from residential to commercial moves. Our professional movers are equipped to handle local and long-distance relocations, ensuring your belongings are transported safely, whether you're moving within the North Shore or to the South Shore.

Local Residential and Commercial Moving

  • 2 movers + truck: Starting at $100/h + transportation fee
  • 3 movers + truck: Starting at $145/h + transportation fee
  • 4 movers + 2 trucks: Starting at $190/h + transportation fee

Special Discounts

  • 10% off for students and seniors on moving services

Specialized Moving Services: Handling Your Valuables with Care

For those special items that require extra attention, like pianos, safes, or pool tables, our professional moving company has the expertise and equipment to ensure safe transport. Trust us to handle your most cherished belongings with the utmost care.

Hiring Crown Movers: Your Trusted Professional Moving Company in Montreal

Best Price - Your Trusted Professional Moving Company in Montreal

Local and Long Distance Moves

Whether you’re planning a local move within Montreal or a long distance move, Crown Movers offers tailor-made solutions. Our professional movers are equipped to handle all types of relocations, from small apartments to large homes.

Packing Services and Moving Supplies

Crown Movers provides comprehensive packing services. We supply all necessary packing materials, including wardrobe boxes, moving blankets, and packing tape, ensuring the safe transport of your belongings, including bulky items and special objects.

Understanding the Final Cost

The final cost of your move with Crown Movers includes the hourly rate or fixed prices for the number of movers and hours of work, additional fees like travel costs and any additional services you may require, such as packing services or moving furniture.

Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Date: May 28, 2023

Move: Local move from Montreal, QC to Laval, QC

Reliable, Friendly, and Professional!

I'm so glad we chose Crown Movers for our move! They are amazing at what they do! They made the entire moving process easy from booking our date to going through our details and finally on moving day! The movers were extremely professional! They got the job done, they work fast, and all our stuff arrived in one piece. Recommend them to everyone!

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Apartment With Staircases

Service Cost: $950

Read more at:

Booking and Quotes

Getting a Quote

When and How to Get Free Moving Quotes

We recommend starting your search for a mover well ahead of your moving date, especially during peak season. With Crown Movers, you can easily request free moving quotes, ensuring you get the best service at the most affordable rates.

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