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The big day is approaching! Starting to plan your move can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. So we have provided a packing checklist for moving to guide you through the process.

With so much on your mind, it's hard finding the time to start preparing for your moving day. Finalizing the details at your new location. Updating all your utility and service providers. It doesn't leave you with much time to get ready and start packing for your move. So here are some packing tips from the professionals who handle packing and moving on a daily basis.

Things to do when moving out of a house or apartment

safe packing tips. demonstrating properly packing and wrapping furniture

The first thing to do as a homeowner is set a deadline! Start by picking your moving day. Then call professional movers and start planning your move. A professional moving company will request photos of your home and a list of your belongings. You can also request that a company provides you with an in-person estimate.

This will give you a better sense of the company, their procedure and also be sure for a more accurate estimate. Following the packing checklist for moving will help you sort through everything you wish to move to your new place, or sell/get rid of before your moving day. 

If possible, have some friends and family members help you sort through the items you wish to keep and those you wish to give away. Decluttering also benefits you.

4 Key Tips Before You Start Packing - The Packing Checklist for Moving

safe packing tips. demonstrating properly packing a box

Before you begin to pack for a move, you should prepare your home or apartment so that you don’t get overwhelmed, or trapped under a mountain of boxes. Follow the packing checklist for moving to stay organized.

1. Have a designated area ready for your packed boxes.

Cluttering your home in moving boxes is the wrong way to start off your move. Make some space in your home that won’t block main entrances, other household items or hallways. Once you have your designated area for your moving boxes you can start packing!

designated packing area as mentioned in the packing checklist

2. Make a list of your household items.

When planning out what you're going to put in boxes, be sure to be mindful of what items you're packing together. As you start packing, make a list of furniture and number your boxes. Giving an accurate list of boxes will help you prepare for your services. You can print out a household item checklist or submit a list via email.

making a list of items to pack according to the packing checklist

3. Do not pack your boxes too heavy.

Your boxes should be able to be carried comfortably and not cause damage to other boxes if stacked. A general rule of thumb is to not have boxes weigh over 40lbs. Make sure to pack your items safely. This means do not place fragile items with other items that can damage them. For added protection, you can use packing paper or bubble wrap to use as cushioning between items.

packing items checklist for moving

4. Label your boxes!

Be sure to have your boxes with valuables or fragile items packed tightly and clearly labelled. Heavy! Handle With Care! Fragile! and so on. That way you will be able to sort out how to stack them safely in the moving truck. Cardboard boxes are usually easy to write on with a black marker but you can also have labels stuck on each box. Don't forget to also label your boxes with the room you wish for the items to bring to your new location.

labelling boxes

What to pack first when moving

Finally! You're ready to start packing, make sure you get all your packing supplies! If you're using a professional moving company, they will guide you through their packing process. Most moving companies have better options when it comes to packing materials. You should use that to your advantage and request that they provide you with their packing supplies such as:

Packing tape, moving boxes, plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and so on.

Room-by-room checklist for moving

Follow this simple packing checklist for moving to know what to pack first and how to go through room by room and pack for a move.

Start with the least used rooms or items and items hanging on the walls.

  • Decorations like artwork, and picture frames can be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box.
  • If some paintings or mirrors are too big they can easily be packed and transported in a car.
  • Guest rooms usually contain less clutter. These rooms are easy to pack and typically don't have essential items.

Garage, sheds, attics and storage rooms.

  • Attics and storage rooms tend to contain things that aren't of frequent use so they can be sorted through and packed next.
  • Garage and sheds tend to contain tools, outdoor yard equipment and so on. These items are normally loaded by moving companies in the truck.
  • Some of your belongings might not fit in a box. You can choose to have these items moved on a moving day, or you can transport some of these items with you if you have a vehicle.

Kitchen / Dining Room

  • China/glassware should be handled carefully and wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap.
  • Use packing paper as extra cushioning between items and to pack dishes.
  • Once you've packed your dishes, you can use paper plates for the last days before your move. Food items should be packed last, this would give you the opportunity to clear out your fridge and food that is close to the expiring date.
  • Never do too much grocery shopping leading up to your moving day.

Living Room / Basements

  • Pack any leftover picture frames, mirrors and paintings.
  • Safely remove light bulbs from lamps. Wrap the lamps in bubble wrap and have them packed in larger boxes separately.
  • TV, stereo systems and all other electronic devices should be properly wrapped in bubble wrap and boxes carefully.

Bedroom/home office.

  • Books and small electronics are easily packed in boxes.
  • Make sure to empty your furniture of all clothing, linens and bed covers. These items can be packed away in wardrobe boxes, suitcases or durable garbage bags.


  • Following this checklist, you are finally on your way to the bathrooms.
  • Carefully pack odd-shaped items like a lotion/shampoo bottle with a pump to avoid spilling.
  • All other toiletries, toilet paper, toilet brushes and so on should be easily packed in boxes.

As you navigate through your moving journey, remember that you are not alone. Crown Movers, your trusted moving experts, will be with you at every step. Our packing checklist is designed to streamline the process, ensuring nothing is overlooked. From the initial packing to the final touches at your new home, our team is committed to providing the support and guidance you need.

We understand the intricacies of moving, and our experience in the industry equips us to handle any challenges that may arise. Whether it’s providing last-minute packing supplies, offering expert tips, or simply being there to answer your queries, Crown Movers is dedicated to making your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

As you embark on this new chapter, trust Crown Movers to be your partner in transition. We’re more than just a moving company; we’re your moving companions, committed to ensuring a seamless and successful move. So go ahead and tick off each item on that checklist, and rest assured, Crown Movers will be right there with you, every step of the way.

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