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Do You Need Moving and Storage Services?

There are many different situations that can lead to one of our customers requiring moving & storage services in Montreal.

With everything that is going on in the world today, many people are finding it hard to get back into their country. Covid-19 has created a lot of stressful situations for our clients. Maybe your home isn’t ready because of delayed construction. Or you have similar circumstances to the client above.

Do you need help finding
storage in your city?

Due to travel restrictions, our client was stuck overseas. This resulted in her not being able to return. Situations like these can be extremely stressful. 

What do you do if you don’t have family or friends in the city that you can rely on to handle these types of scenarios? Thankfully, she contacted Crown Movers. One of our friendly representatives guided her throughout the entire process. After making her storage arrangements, she was ready for her move.

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"Thank you for your amazing service. It was truly exceptional and professional. Saved me so much time, money and stress. I will surely leave you a 5-star review and recommend you to anyone in need of moving help. Thanks again!"

More Than Just Storage Services

At Crown Movers, we are more than just transport, moving and storage services. We take the time to go that extra mile for all our clients. Our goal is to facilitate your life and find you the best solution to save you time and money.

We work with many local and nationwide storage facilities to get you the best prices and assure you that you will always have access to storage in those emergencies.

We will find what works best for you!

Personal and Household Storage – Wanting to make some additional space in your home or looking to store your belongings between moves? Store your seasonal items, keepsakes, recreational equipment, and other items with Crown Movers and Storage!

Business Storage – Planning on receiving a big shipment of new inventory? Keep your excess retail inventory, professional files, or contractor equipment organized and safely stored with us!

Vehicle, Car, and RV Storage – Crown Movers will help you find the best solution for both indoor and outdoor car and boat storage solutions. Whether it’s short-term and long-term leases Crown Movers will guide you through the options to find you the best option.

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Why Crown Movers is the right moving company

As mentioned, we put importance on saving you time and money. We begin by first finding the best rates for the unit that you require. It is important to know how to choose the right kind of storage unit for your needs. When moving your items into storage they will also be insured which is included in every service.

Storage pricing is based on the size of the unit and if you require heating. At Crown Movers, we make sure not to have you stored too big for your storage needs. Our trained moving professionals will make sure to pack your belongings into your storage unit in a safe way to avoid damages and in a way that uses the space provided efficiently.

Most storage companies will try overestimating the space you will require to charge you a higher monthly rate. Being experienced in packing and loading, our team can assess the size of the unit that best fits your needs to make sure to save you on your unit. We offer advice based on what you will be stored to help you make the right decision.

Another important factor affecting storage prices is whether you require a heated unit. Heated units will reduce the risk of damage to your goods both from expansion and contraction caused by moisture and humidity. Humidity can cause damage to wood, metal and any fabric.

Avoiding damage to your belongings is our priority. We always suggest indoor storage facilities. We can offer you our own heated storage centre. However, if the location is a concern for you, we will always find a closer storage solution.

How Crown Movers Can Help?

Depending on what you’re looking for, we can find the right kind of storage solution for you. Crown Movers offers our clients a private warehouse and storage facility located in Montreal-Est. However, we will always recommend the proper accommodations that will save you the most time and money.

We take pride in offering you all storage options and look for your best interest. If we cannot accommodate you through our storage facilities, we will help you organize your storage needs with any reputable storage company all across Canada. We can get you the first month free with Depotium.

We know that not all of our clients’ moving needs are the same. Maybe you’re looking into storing all your furniture for a couple of weeks, or maybe you’re looking for long-term storage for some of your valuables. Crown Movers is here to address all your storage needs.

There are many options that we can help organize for you. Whether you have to store a vehicle, have a collection of valuable antiques that you want to keep safe, or are planning a move and need a temporary place to store some boxes, we’ve got you covered.

You also have to consider what you are storing make sure you have the best climate to protect your items from any damage. Your local facility can recommend the best solution with various sizes available, whether that’s indoor or outdoor, climate-controlled, or a premium unit.