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Small Movers Montreal

Montreal small moves are our specialty! We offer the lowest rates in the city for all small moves in the Greater Montreal Area.

You shouldn't have to pay big money and fixed minimums for your small moving needs. If you're flexible and want the best small movers in Montreal call Crown Movers today and get your free moving quote.

Long Distance Deliveries

Small moves Montreal, usually consist of 5 or less pieces of furniture. We proudly offer a fixed low rate for all single item deliveries. Some companies charge a minimum 450$ for a small move. We offer our clients 1 hour of services + transportation starting as low as 200$+tax for a service. We handle your items with the same care and efficiency as if we were moving your entire home.

Montreal is a busy city and we know you're probably just as busy, calling us guarantees that you will have peace of mind knowing that you will receive the best rates for all your small moving needs. This doesn't simply apply to local Montreal moves. Our long-distance moving team offers the same solution for all your long-distance delivery needs. 

Do you have appliances or furniture you're looking to send from Montreal to Quebec city? Or do you have items in Toronto that you're trying to get delivered to Montreal? Not to worry, we offer long-distance deliveries for the best rates in the city. Our company provides long-distance small moves for the best price.

Small Jobs

Small jobs are handled with a lot of care. If your item needs protection, not to worry! All our services include our professional movers that wrap your items and handle them with care! We are the moving experts and include furniture assembly, disassembly and moving blankets for the protection of your items. We deliver, sofas, appliances, tables, statues, artwork and all other pieces of furniture with the same attention to detail. 

If you have a couple of items sold in a different city and are looking for long-distance moving, we got you covered. As mentioned, we offer combined services to help lower your costs. As Montreal's leaders in long-distance moving. We often travel to many surrounding cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Quebec City, Brampton, Scarborough...). If you are in need of a small job to or from any of these locations we offer the best price in the city.

If you are travelling and have a couple of unsold valuable items that you are leaving behind, leave it to us! We offer storage for all small jobs. You're never stuck without options, give us a call and let us take care of you.

Last Minute Moves

Did your movers cancel on you and are you in need of last-minute movers? We always have a team ready on standby for all emergencies and last-minute moves! It's hard to believe how many clients have contacted us after having their movers cancel on them last minute. Having waited all day to have their movers never arrive can be extremely stressful.

Last minute moves happen more often than people expect. This is why we work 24 hours a day to be there for anyone stranded last minute in Montreal with no movers! Professional movers should be there for their clients, and we are truly the people's moving company. We take price in moving Montreal. Here for all your last minutes moves and storage needs.

Local Movers

As local Montreal movers, we truly care about our city. We offer our services for small moves at a discounted rate from our competitors. No other Montreal movers offer the quality and care that we put in to all our local moves in Quebec. We are the movers who care!

Small Moving Made Easy

Small apartment moving 

If you're planning on moving into a condo or apartment, let the professional movers at Crown take care of you. We understand that even small moves require a lot of attention to detail. Here are some helpful moving tips to make sure your small move doesn't turn into a big mess!

Montreal is a busy city, so be sure to make your parking arrangements well ahead of time. Prepare all your small loose items and have any beds disassembled. You can also save money when planning a small move from Montreal across Quebec or to Ontario. A great idea is to request to have your long-distance move combined with another cargo load. Following these tips can save you money for your small moving service.

Student Moving

If you're a student moving to or from the greater Montréal give us a call! We offer the best rates for long-distance moving to all Canadian students.  We help all student moving furniture and handle all small moves student require.

You might just want to store your items over the summer. We offer storage all across Quebec. Let us take care of all your transport, storage and moving needs. Visit our Instagram page and give us a like for your chance to win a free moving service.

Special Item Delivery

Not every client's needs are the same. Some items require special attention and handling. Small items of value should always be fully insured. Make sure to request additional insurance for any items of value. Moving Montreal residents is a task we take pride in.

We make sure to offer a high-quality service and treat each move and delivery with care. Be sure to contact Crown Movers and rest assured your item is safe during your delivery and transport.

Montreal Delivery Service

The best furniture delivery in the Greater Montreal area! Our Montreal movers take pride in each and every service. Your items are always wrapped and protected before being loaded in one of our trucks. We offer the price for any kind of delivery. We love moving Montreal. If you're looking for delivery services in Montreal we have got it handled.

Furniture Delivery

Furniture small moves consist of less than 5 pieces that are normally going from home to home. If you have furniture that requires little to no disassembly, or if it's a single piece, call us for afternoon delivery. We offer special rates for afternoon moving services. The service includes furniture wrapping and disassembly. So for all your furniture deliveries in the Montreal area, contact us and get your free quote.

Appliance Delivery

Best appliance delivery in Montreal hands down! We take moving to another level by offering the best rates and safest moving procedures. Experts in commercial transport appliances. This is due to each mover receiving extensive training and providing quality services for moving Montreal. Contact us for your free quote for the best rates in the Greater Montreal area, and be sure to ask about all insurance options.