Furniture Assembly - Professional Assembly & Furniture Installation Service

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly

Furniture assembly and disassembly services are included when moving with Crown. We make sure your furniture stays safe from start to finish. Whether moving your house or office, your items will be disassembled by moving professionals that assemble and disassemble furniture every day. We then wrap your furniture so that it removes the risk of damaging items from contact during the delivery to your new location.

Once your furniture is carefully brought out of the moving truck into your new location, we will place it in the designated area and begin the assembly process. Our experienced moving team guarantees that your items are looked after and treated with care. Crown is known for having the best customer service around!

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Furniture assembly and disassembly is when furniture is too large and will not fit through doorways or down flights of stairs, so they need to be broken down with the proper tools to allow them to remain safe while moving them to their new home or office. Once the furniture arrives at the new residence, we assemble it back as if it was never taken apart. Our experienced team of movers handles every installation of furniture with care. 

Things get easily misplaced when moving. Rooms are torn apart, items get stored in boxes with other items that do not belong together. Kitchen gadgets get stored with old records and other things you forgot you had. It is easy for things to slip your mind, due to so many things happening all at once. It is important to stay organized when moving to make it a success.

Organization is our priority in every service! Things like nuts, bolts, and screws easily go missing when moving. IKEA furniture sometimes requires special tools for assembly. We have the tools and carefully follow steps to make sure the assembly of any furniture gets done correctly. Moving with Crown makes it an easy choice for services you can depend on.

Contact Crown Movers today for a complete moving service from packing, delivery, unloading, and assembly!

Montreal Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly Montreal has never been easier! By moving with Crown, your furniture assembly is included in your moving Montreal service. Leave your furniture in good hands with our trusted Montreal movers. What you get:

  • Furniture Disassembly
  • Furniture Wrapping
  • Safe Transport of Furniture
  • Assembly by Moving Professionals
  • Limited Liability Moving Insurance 
  • Assembling Your Furniture

We put a lot of attention to detail when taking care of the disassembly and assembly of your furniture. We know that these steps can bulk the loading and unloading time, especially when moving a large home. To speed up this process, we assign specialists or supervisors when handling big moving services that require the disassembly and the assembling of larger items and furniture. The assembly of furniture for your move doesn’t have to be a burden.

We know that furniture assembly can seem like a big task. Often enough, you have taken the time for assembling furniture yourself after purchasing the item. The thought of having to do it all over again can be extremely stressful. This is our area of expertise. Our professional small movers gently and carefully disassemble your furniture, label them and make sure to put all the screws, nuts and bolts of your furniture in a safe place. Moving with us is a safe bet!

New Furniture Assembled For You

If you have new furniture items such as furniture you purchased from IKEA that you want in your new home when moving, we will be happy to help. We offer free limited liability moving insurance to guarantee your furniture is protected during your move. Once your items are carefully unloaded off the moving truck into your location, we will arrange the items where you wish for them to go.

You do not need to worry about your items just getting dropped anywhere in your new home. We use careful labelling practices and also consult with you to get your furniture placed where you need them. Once the items are in their correct rooms, we will then begin to unpack and take care of any assembly that needs to be done. Relax while your furniture is being assembled and we finish up the moving process. Let Crown handle the assembly!

Furniture Assembly Service

Furniture assembly when moving into a new home or office is time-consuming and can be costly depending on the moving company you hire. By choosing Crown’s office furniture assembly experts, you will free up the time needed to take care of everything else.

Our services ensure your home or office furniture is protected and cared for by trained moving professionals. Each furniture item and its assembly is done by carefully following steps each team member has been extensively trained on no matter the type of furniture.

Protecting your Office Furniture

Commercial furniture installation is the process of assembling and arranging computer desks, cabinets, and other office furniture for commercial properties. Allowing us to organize your assembly services provides an organized and harmonious work environment that brings an excellent ROI. 

An experienced office furniture installer will cater to your moving needs, taking into consideration the moving distance, space, size, and the number of commercial items to assemble. Professional assembly can also customize your existing space, or set up your new commercial space from the ground up.

Anytime you are moving to a new office, the breakdown, loading, delivery, unloading and assembly of furniture and equipment can be overwhelming. Whether it is local in Montreal or long distance, Crown Movers is the answer.

Home Furniture Disassembly & Assembly

When moving your home, you know that assembly of furniture is unavoidable. For furniture that needs disassembly before moving then assembly after moving, Crown Movers has the skills and tools needed to complete any installation. We assemble your items with care.

When it comes to furniture assembly, we are second to none. We offer high-quality and complete moving services. Instead of spending hours figuring out which piece would fit where; allow us to help you put it together. We are here to help with all your furniture assembly needs.

Care for your furniture and allow Crown to assemble it for you!

Need Help with Furniture?

Need help with furniture? Our experienced furniture assembler will help you with large items or furniture that need breaking down or assembly during your move and service. We also work closely with charities such as ReStore or Habitat for Humanity, so if there are furniture pieces that you no longer want, we can take care of moving them out for you. 

Your home furniture assembly needs will be taken care of from long tables, dressers, beds, or any other large furniture items, we disassemble and assembly them with care. We don’t just do furniture assembly. We also assist with the unpacking and installation of kitchen appliances. 

Our moving team is here to get you into your new home hassle-free. Furniture assembly has never been easier. Contact us today to find out more about our moving and furniture protection and assembly services.

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    Montreal Furniture Assembly Experts

    We deliver satisfactory moving services in Montreal every day. Our Montreal moving experts handle furniture assembly for all kinds of different furniture.  Know that your furniture is in good hands when moving with Crown.

    Our Montreal furniture assembly service is second to none in customer satisfaction. We assemble furniture professionally and quickly to get your life back to normal in no time.

    How Long Does Furniture Installation Take?

    Once the furniture is delivered to your home, installation could take about 1 to 4 hours depending on the design, the number of parts, the amount of furniture and other factors which have to be considered. Hiring a professional furniture assembly team is the easiest way to complete the task quickly and correctly when moving.

    Choose Crown to be your professional moving company that handles all your moving, unpacking, and installation needs. We are equipped with all the tools and skills needed for any assembly job. Furniture assembly is a piece of cake when moving with Crown!

    How Much Does Furniture Assembly Services Cost?

    When moving with us, you get furniture assembly services included in your service. We offer unpacking services as well on top of any assembly service when moving. Our goal is to get you up and running in your new home in no time.

    Whether local or long distance, our furniture assemblers will have your items ready for the road. Safe and secure your furniture will be transported to your new location and installed correctly and in a time-efficient manner. Take the leg work out of moving. Choose Crown Movers for all your furniture assembly needs!